Rose petal + Stonewash

For the love of denim and roses? Yes indeedy my darlings. This post was inspired by my love of red roses and the comfort of denim jeans.  If you notice my collective of items I didn't use jeans nor roses in this inspiration wedding board. The color red is still a focal point that is cooled down with hints of denim blue, gold accents and darling cream tones.
A pretty collection for the simple yet sassy gal.
What do you think of this warm yet bold connection of hues?
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Rose petal + Stonewash
Sweet intimate & Sassy

5 things I learned about posture from my peck massage

I know what you are thinking and you are not wrong. It is a massage of the pectoral muscles and embarrassingly enough they sit right by my boobs. My husband insisted that he could be of service but he knows nothing about strained muscles therefore I made a visit to my chiropractor. Doctor visits are always interesting to me as I always seem to walk out from a new lesson. This time was no different. I learned that:

1) Posture is a form of being polite to your body. Its not about slouching to relax or to sit up right 24/7 but to find the right balance amongst the two to maintain a healthy structure. Great posture is always a plus for a fun tea party, pinky finger lifted and all.

2) Daily training to have a healthy spine is NOT on a "need to do" basis but a good daily habit of  stretching and exercise especially since it promotes proper muscle movement to skeletal function. It is as easy as a 10 minute routine that can be done even in the shower. I'm all for double tasks that actually work.

3) Attention to your daily posture and repetitive movement is a must. The importance is not in the movements we make but how we strain our body to make them.  If you don't correct over extensions and constant strain you can have minor body aches. Not worried? Try months and years of strain which can cause future spine misalignment or issues that require surgical correction. Ouch! Avoid those big problems today with chin up, stand up straight, shoulders back. Mary Poppins sure knows her stuff. 

4) Adjusting repetitive movements may simply mean reorganizing of your work space. Its all about making your work desk work for your body movement. Check out my 15 minutes  to a happy desk and a stress free wrist post to see how I'm putting this advice into action.

5) Don't underestimate your shoes and the amount of time you live in them. While vacuuming in high heels is a top sexy move in my book. It soon looses its appeal when your posture is affected when the pins and needle walk turns into the walk of shame to the chiropractor for adjustment. Use the right shoes for the right job. Ladies, let's vow to love our feet. There are so many cute sensible sexy shoes today that we no longer have to go band aid crazy on our feet to wear them.Visit my Cute soles for my soul post for a collective of favorite shoes that makes fashion sense and my back & knees happy.

How about you doll?  Did you have to change habits to better your posture? What small changes have you done to better your life? If you have rearranged your desk I would love to hear about it? Share your story in the comments below.

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