Gold dust + teal

 I feel the urge to indulge in dainty florals and pretty relaxed glam. I'm not speaking of enjoying flowers in my salad while in my pretty pajamas. I'm speaking of my latest crush of the week, the fabulous color inspiration...
It is every bit personal with floral hints in fashion, pretty accessories, dainty personalized gifts, on pretty elements of nature. What is a wedding without a little floral touch? Not cute enough if you ask me.....Well it wouldn't be as fun nor as pretty as the mixture of florals, wood grain and burlap cuteness. All these elements compliment each other very nicely. This inspiration is a beautiful and classy alternative way to add flowers to your wedding and to treat your guests to a floral touch of personality. That's my take on todays crush. How do you feel about Goldust + Teal. Does it wow you? Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below.
              A pretty collection for a pretty lady. 
                 Gals enjoy!



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