Organized mess

Notes of Encourage

Having a piled on, over filled and stuffed into organization system that is one hot mess? Many of us are or may have been, at one point in our lives, a hot mess. I, for one, refuse to return to that!  Continuously strive to maintain an orderly, organized, separated and (god help us) labeled organized mess. Being an organized mess and leaving the "ugh's" behind and replacing them with "ooh nice" and "hi fives" is well worth it.


Being an organized mess isn't easy though, it takes practice. Especially when this organization requires that all those bulky, too many but need all of them kind of items find their way into bins, drawers, and possible trash spots. Although the idea of selling, gifting or plain old trashing items may pose somewhat of a psychological challenge it may hinder our ability to succeed with our overall goal and view of ourselves. Sounds intense? Not to worry you aren't doing it alone. This journey is a liberating step that will help you grow wings and find your pride. Organization isn't an overnight process and it takes practice. By tackling one eyesore at a time we too can be an organized mess.

 One small stride for organization, one large step for liberation. Together we will Craft it so!


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