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NEW Perspective

Each New Year inspires a new perspective and if you're like me you are excited to make waves in 2013.
I'm personally looking forward to purchasing a NEW Microsoft Surface as well as sketching up some fun invitations, and spending time with friends and family. Most of all, I can't wait to live the moments that will take my breath away. The best part of these moments is that we can record them or snap a shot for our albums. Yay, I love technology! These are a few shots I would love in my photoalbum. I came across these great photos when I opened my Pinterest of the week e-mail today. I was quickly captivated by Alison Vandehei's photography of couples board. The photography is beautiful and I had to give kuddos to the photographers and their great eye for fun photos. Don't worry "Kuddos" is a good thing. Two thumbs way up in my book.


I want to be flagged for some good Lovin like this couple. This is a great picture of simple yet fun elements that make you want to say aww! I find this pose a necessity in any great photo album. Photograph by: Dainty Blue
A simple, I love this photo wouldn't do. I was intrigued Sooo....I had to do a little digging up of the fabulous photographer of this creative shot. Her name is Maritza and when you visit her site you get the overall feel of her lens insight; clean, authentic and filled with the hearts song. Not only does she say so herself, I completely agree! Her work is fabulous and she has a great eye for natural feelings as they are reflected in her shots. There you have it if you are in search of a great photographer feel free to say hello to Maritza, I'm sure she will love to accommodate your every photography needs.

Hearts Song

As I continued "paroozing" Alison Vandehei's couple photography board I came across another photo that I love for its element of fun and the diverse ways you can use this photo taken by Big Bang photography.

I realize this is not a typical couple photo and this is the reason why I loved it. One look at this photo and my mind runs wild with many ways to use this photo; engagement announcement, Save the dates or as a daily reminder of love to be taped on your loved ones windshield. These are only a few ways that you can use this photo, but I'm sure there are tons of things you can do with this fun shot.     
"live" shot

As I continued to admire these photographs I can't help but wonder what other great shots will come about this year. I'm rea;lly loving all of these feel this new wave of shots. Photography is moving in a new direction, a very naturally lively direction and I love it. The "typical" stand and shoot sessions seems to be behind us, thank goodness.  No offence those make great yearbook pictures but I crave shots where life happens.

I have a few ideas for my very own live shots that will be included into my photoalbum.  I want a partner in crime shot where gentleman give the lady a boost over a wall or fence.  Don't worry we won't break any laws maybe just broken falls and silly smiles. I will also include a pillow fight scene. Pretty self explanatory, but I do want to capture the fun, laughter and the feather spills. Ooh that sounds messy and awesome! I will keep you posted on those pictures coming soon. How about you, Do you have any fun ideas for fun photos. Feel free to share them below, I would love to hear your great ideas.

Be inspired to inspire . . . Love Cisne


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