Poppy red wedding and events

Summer went as fast as the color trail of a hummingbird on wheels. Just as hummingbirds grace us with their beautiful colors so do the seasons. Every season has a favorite color but lately I seem to favor poppy red. Isn't it a bold blooming color of one of the prettiest flowers of the season? A bold pop of red on a small delicate flower. These days it has found a place in clothing, furniture and stationary amongst other must have items. Poppies are immediately recognizable by the attention this tone demands. It truly is a bloom of its own especially when used to spruce up your wedding day.

In Full Bloom
Every poppy is beauty in its own, but when paired with pink, teal or marmalade it will transition into a striking engagement. Selecting poppies as your bridal inspiration can be tough though. Many try to place this color in every element of their wedding and find themselves lost in a field of red. Poppy red can be overwhelming at times. Just as a field of poppies compliments the home(photo above), your poppy elements should be a compliment to your event not the main attraction.

Homegrown Inspiration

Every bride deserves to shine in the company of her bridesmaids. Together you flourish in blooms of your own in these wonderful alternatives to a traditional bridal boutique find. 

The blooms of poppy red can be incorporated or complimented into a pattern, texture or color of fabric in your bridesmaids dress selection. Comfort and boldness with a hint of sweet floral elements is some of the poppies best qualities.

Your bridesmaids will be a homegrown inspiration in these lovely bridal dresses. Not your typical bridal gowns but oh so pretty as if they were picked from the poppy fields themselves.

What did you think of this wonderful seasonal mix? How did you use this color in your event. Feel free to brag by leaving a comment below.

        Love Cisne


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