Hello ya'll, First I would like to apologize for neglecting my blog. It really isn't mal intentioned. I promise to stop beeing un-organized....I realize that when I avoid others, I am only avoiding myself..... Say what? Organization, thats what. This is only a bit and piece of what I have been up to lately. Which brings me to the reason why I have been away. Everyone has many a things to do, but when life is halted by a shoe I trip over every morning I had to stop and say, this has to change. I soon realized this shoe was my concious lurking up on me and letting me know that my life has become chaotic.

"Help is on the Way"

If you have come across your literal or imaginary shoe I invite you to turn another leaf on organization because "help is on the way" (so eloquently said by Robin williams as Mrs.Doubtfire). You see I have begun an organization course on  a leap of faith on Alejandra of AlejandraTV. I came across Alejandra's channel on YouTUBE.com. I love you tube and even more so now that I found AlejandraTV. Alejandra is an organization gooroo that has learned from her own search for caotic liberation which is one of the reason why I believe in her skills. Its one thing to teach from books and another is because you've walked the walk as they say. Look up her channel and see how she has organized her life or take her fre 7-day organization classes and  tell me she doesn't inspire you? I encourage you to take the plunge and come along with with me on my organization courses to declutter the "shoes" in life.
I have completed the 7 day free course last week and I have begun the full life-course this week and it has been great thus far. I promise no to be a spoiler but I will be sharing my progress or tidbits of my organization from here forth. One of the items on the To Do list is to create an inspirational paragraph, phrase or quote for a daily boost of confidense. I wanted to share mine with you. Anyone that knows me knows that I love Audrey so it was only natural that my inspirational sheet be of her wise words. Share your thoughts on the course, AlejandraTV or my Audrey inspiration sheet, I'd love to read your thoughts.
If you wish a print out of my inspirational sheet please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below.

Loving hArt, Loving Art,
simply Smiling for the love of it!Cisne


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