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Fashion Spotted Bridals

Informal formals make weddings not only fun but comfortably liberal. The most special memories that resound in our minds are the feelings these such moments evoke. Incorporate these ideas into your wedding for a fancy free of lasting memories.

What is an informal formal event?

Simplicity, extraordinary, comfort event created entirely from functional daily items remastered for a different purpose to give a new life.

For example fabric bunting has found new life in adding
a joyous atmosphere of color to your event. I remember
when bunting was simply a way to lure us to a car dealership and look at it now. I'm so proud of its new life pictures so beautifully by AFeteBeckons.

Do you see the informality?

I'm not sure I would let any of these adorably dresses bridesmaids on a horse but their boots are another simple touch in creating the perfect informal formal. Lets not overlook these great dresses by sohomode. Simply darling. Did you catch the third informal touch that perfects this event. Umbrellas! I knew I wasn't the only one to catch that. Yay for us! Umbrellas come in many colors and sizes and they don't have to match plus they double as a great photo prop.

Twice as nice

Umbrellas can be used for the bridal party pictures and here's an idea for the bride and groom pictures. How so? Picture this, the groom can hold the umbrella covering the smooch from his beautiful bride. So cute a shot that would be to leave it to the imagination. Let's take this a little further and in the perfect angle against the sun the couples kiss will be the perfect silhouette to that sweet photo shoot. Wowza! That would make any scrapbook page blush.

If you found all these touches then you know your informality. It is these simple informal touches that have given informal formals its increase in popularity.

They are personal touches of everyday living with a new twist. Some would say this is an eclectic affair pictured above and that is fair to say as well, but it is very functional and rather simple to do with basic everyday items. It just takes a little imagination.

Lacking imagination you say? No worries, Help Is On The Way (said in Mrs.Doubtfire's voice)
Worry not, I'm more than happy to help.

Let your brilliant smile
be the fashion of your event!

Best Wishes from your personal designer


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