Poppy red wedding and events

Summer went as fast as the color trail of a hummingbird on wheels. Just as hummingbirds grace us with their beautiful colors so do the seasons. Every season has a favorite color but lately I seem to favor poppy red. Isn't it a bold blooming color of one of the prettiest flowers of the season? A bold pop of red on a small delicate flower. These days it has found a place in clothing, furniture and stationary amongst other must have items. Poppies are immediately recognizable by the attention this tone demands. It truly is a bloom of its own especially when used to spruce up your wedding day.

In Full Bloom
Every poppy is beauty in its own, but when paired with pink, teal or marmalade it will transition into a striking engagement. Selecting poppies as your bridal inspiration can be tough though. Many try to place this color in every element of their wedding and find themselves lost in a field of red. Poppy red can be overwhelming at times. Just as a field of poppies compliments the home(photo above), your poppy elements should be a compliment to your event not the main attraction.

Homegrown Inspiration

Every bride deserves to shine in the company of her bridesmaids. Together you flourish in blooms of your own in these wonderful alternatives to a traditional bridal boutique find. 

The blooms of poppy red can be incorporated or complimented into a pattern, texture or color of fabric in your bridesmaids dress selection. Comfort and boldness with a hint of sweet floral elements is some of the poppies best qualities.

Your bridesmaids will be a homegrown inspiration in these lovely bridal dresses. Not your typical bridal gowns but oh so pretty as if they were picked from the poppy fields themselves.

What did you think of this wonderful seasonal mix? How did you use this color in your event. Feel free to brag by leaving a comment below.

        Love Cisne


NEWs trending

You have pulled off some impressive proposals to speak these four magical words, "Will you marry me?"  As the proposal trends continue to change they carry a common heartfelt effort to convey the most intimate of feelings in the boldest and most romantic ways.
Your proposal was awesome, why stop there? Keep the awesome going with this little { OK big } neat idea.

Awesome Neat

Save the dates, if you choose to incorporate into your wedding, is the very first piece of bridal stationary where you can incorporate lively couple spunk{ness}. Each year save the dates have evolved into many forms: stationary, secrets in a bottle, treasure chests and now my favorite bridal magazines. Completely trendy... I LUV this idea.

News Worthy

Who doesn't crave a good love story especially that of your favorite auntie, cool cousin and wickedly awesome best friend? Genius is the idea and magazine is what I say. Magazines for weddings for stories worth being told, not only is this a great motto but a great keepsake for your friends and family. Incorporate your how me met story, fun couple facts, and fun details for your wedding into your very own bridal magazine.

Take this idea a little further and make this your save the date, invitation or guest keepsake for your wedding. The possibilities are endless. I simply love this great find and I'm happy to show you where you can find it too. Simply visit Twentypages.com and you will be steps away from creating your Newsworthy trend set bridal magazine.

I'm not affiliated with this company In any way shape or form, but I can't keep great things to myself. I just simply love to share especially when the idea is so trendy and so you.
Keeping love, life and happiness trendy and savvy!

                                 Luv, Cisne



Hello ya'll, First I would like to apologize for neglecting my blog. It really isn't mal intentioned. I promise to stop beeing un-organized....I realize that when I avoid others, I am only avoiding myself..... Say what? Organization, thats what. This is only a bit and piece of what I have been up to lately. Which brings me to the reason why I have been away. Everyone has many a things to do, but when life is halted by a shoe I trip over every morning I had to stop and say, this has to change. I soon realized this shoe was my concious lurking up on me and letting me know that my life has become chaotic.

"Help is on the Way"

If you have come across your literal or imaginary shoe I invite you to turn another leaf on organization because "help is on the way" (so eloquently said by Robin williams as Mrs.Doubtfire). You see I have begun an organization course on  a leap of faith on Alejandra of AlejandraTV. I came across Alejandra's channel on YouTUBE.com. I love you tube and even more so now that I found AlejandraTV. Alejandra is an organization gooroo that has learned from her own search for caotic liberation which is one of the reason why I believe in her skills. Its one thing to teach from books and another is because you've walked the walk as they say. Look up her channel and see how she has organized her life or take her fre 7-day organization classes and  tell me she doesn't inspire you? I encourage you to take the plunge and come along with with me on my organization courses to declutter the "shoes" in life.
I have completed the 7 day free course last week and I have begun the full life-course this week and it has been great thus far. I promise no to be a spoiler but I will be sharing my progress or tidbits of my organization from here forth. One of the items on the To Do list is to create an inspirational paragraph, phrase or quote for a daily boost of confidense. I wanted to share mine with you. Anyone that knows me knows that I love Audrey so it was only natural that my inspirational sheet be of her wise words. Share your thoughts on the course, AlejandraTV or my Audrey inspiration sheet, I'd love to read your thoughts.
If you wish a print out of my inspirational sheet please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below.

Loving hArt, Loving Art,
simply Smiling for the love of it!Cisne


Hearty Events

Fashion Spotted Bridals

Informal formals make weddings not only fun but comfortably liberal. The most special memories that resound in our minds are the feelings these such moments evoke. Incorporate these ideas into your wedding for a fancy free of lasting memories.

What is an informal formal event?

Simplicity, extraordinary, comfort event created entirely from functional daily items remastered for a different purpose to give a new life.

For example fabric bunting has found new life in adding
a joyous atmosphere of color to your event. I remember
when bunting was simply a way to lure us to a car dealership and look at it now. I'm so proud of its new life pictures so beautifully by AFeteBeckons.

Do you see the informality?

I'm not sure I would let any of these adorably dresses bridesmaids on a horse but their boots are another simple touch in creating the perfect informal formal. Lets not overlook these great dresses by sohomode. Simply darling. Did you catch the third informal touch that perfects this event. Umbrellas! I knew I wasn't the only one to catch that. Yay for us! Umbrellas come in many colors and sizes and they don't have to match plus they double as a great photo prop.

Twice as nice

Umbrellas can be used for the bridal party pictures and here's an idea for the bride and groom pictures. How so? Picture this, the groom can hold the umbrella covering the smooch from his beautiful bride. So cute a shot that would be to leave it to the imagination. Let's take this a little further and in the perfect angle against the sun the couples kiss will be the perfect silhouette to that sweet photo shoot. Wowza! That would make any scrapbook page blush.

If you found all these touches then you know your informality. It is these simple informal touches that have given informal formals its increase in popularity.

They are personal touches of everyday living with a new twist. Some would say this is an eclectic affair pictured above and that is fair to say as well, but it is very functional and rather simple to do with basic everyday items. It just takes a little imagination.

Lacking imagination you say? No worries, Help Is On The Way (said in Mrs.Doubtfire's voice)
Worry not, I'm more than happy to help.

Let your brilliant smile
be the fashion of your event!

Best Wishes from your personal designer


EG team Valentine Blog Hop

Lets Go to the hop, the EGteam Valentine Blog Hop

Welcome! I just love Lisa and her subtle hints for her hubbie. I would be as subtle with such great favorites too. I love them birdies too. She always has some great items and ideas for Valentines.
I hope you have enjoyed your journey through our great BlogHopParty thus far.

Welcome to my journal of twitterpation.
Theres something about spring that has everyone "twitterpated" a.k.a.Love. It is such a delightful feeling of gittiness and fancy free as we let our hearts flutter with joy for our special someones. This year my twitterpation has swifted me into the shores of love. This photo by MariaSiyanko.etsy.com not only inspires relaxation and fun it has also inspired my 
Valentine idea of Amor a.k.a. Amor. I just love that word. Oh yeah, I'm twitterpated.

February, for me, has always been a trip through memory lane. As my Love progresses so does my concideration and appreciation for my Pooh Bear. Shh, don't tell him I let that slip out. Any who, I want to share my Twitterpation gift with you. Lets see, for me and my sweety this journey has taken us to many places and many struggles each and every one special not for the struggles but the growth. The beach of this photo is where love takes us all. A location that is much needed after a strong "debate" of importance or non importance. A place where all skin is beared and all previous issues are left in the cabana with our suits. Woah Will Robinson! We're going astray. This photo has inspired wild and fancy free ideals for this special month but not only that it has inspired my Lucky Lady greeting card.

I love how this card turned out. She has a beautiful gitty face with that look of, I'm sorry and lets get it on. I kid I kid.....This card has been created of fabulous yesteryear ephomera. My lucky lady is a great Valentine's Day card where all there is left to say Is, Hello Cupcake (on front of card), Come on over and be my Lucky Valentine (on inside of card) and lets go to the beach and leave our suits in the cabana. Well it doesn't say all of that but it sure does portray it. I see this card has captured your fancy. So you love this card but aren't sure what gift to pair it with, well you have come to the right place. Not only have we been inspired by the season but we have included a little help for your shopping ahead.

This card is a unisex card, one that both male and female would love to receive. Having said so this is a great coordinating gift for her.

This Yellow gold tiny heart promise ring with the words "All you need is Love" inscribed on the band is a great gift that reaches the heart. With a beach location and a love of gold this heart ring would be the pinnacle of your beach front romance.

Let's not scamper off so swiftly. What if you would like to give this card to your Pooh bear. For all those fun loving men this Pin Up Girl Boating

Liquor Flask from thehairofthedog .etsy.com would be a fun gift with his drink of choice enclosed to create the most relaxing and enjoyable Valentines day on the beach yet.

May my twitterpation inspire you to scurry to the beach as well.
Now lets's continue the excitement to the redletterpaperco to inspire more great Valentine Lovin. Simply select the right arrow to move forward to the next EGteam Blog party. If you happen to have missed some other great party Blogs feel free to select the left arrow to take you there.


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