Baby buzz

The scent of Roses fill the morning sky as the warmth of the sun caresses the earth a buzz fills the air.  A baby buzz that is. Its summer time and as exciting as it is the time has come to deside on your baby shower theme. New cute and unique designs are the trend. I introduce you to my latest cutesy inovative design my Baby Buzz Collection. A simple design with baby beez as beautiful as the mama to bee. Here is a sneek peek of whats in store. Full line to be introduced wednesday of next week. Stay tuned Monday for a special giveaway. Oh so close. I can hardly wait. Until then enjoy the buzz... 

Etsy greetings giveaway

Good things come to those who wait . . I believe you waited enough and its here once again .. Etsy Greetings great . . nay grand . . nay fabulous giveaway

Shop with EtsyGreetings during the month of July
for your chance to win a beautiful collection of handmade greeting cards!
There are two ways to participate:

1. Make a purchase from a participating merchant during the month of July.
Complete our submission form and your name will be entered once for every item (greeting card or other) purchased.
Remember, you need to submit each transaction separately.
The more you buy, the more chances you have to win!

2. No purchase necessary!
You can also be entered to win by joining our mailing list.
Click here to join and your name will be entered into our drawing.

Ready to shop?
Click here to see all the greeting cards available from participating shops.
Or, click on any of the images below to be taken to a participating shop.
Remember, the more you buy, the better your chances of winning!

The big winner will receive one of each of . . . . visit www.Etsygreetings.blogspot.com to see the great prize . .

What are you waiting for all you need to do is sign up and for even better chances make a purchase at a participating shop and win. Yay!

May you all have a great day!


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