Love is Handmade

Awesome sales to gear you up for a Day filled with Love.
I personally believe Dinner and a movie or Pizza and a massage or a cupcake with sprinkles or a simple gesture as receiving a classic Mickey Love pop is something that should be done on the daily to keep the loving fresh and invigorating. It is great to give just because you love and not because its expected or required to do so. I don't care for the expected. Now the unexpected is so much more exquisite a surprise. Whether you like to follow trends or you live out of the box you can prepare for your heartfelt days in this years Etsy Greetings Team SALE (which I'm part of by the way). Love Is Handmade SALE is a wide selection of creations geared around the wonderful emotion of Love. How does it work you say?, Well you can visit http://www.etsygreetings.blogspot.com/ to view a complete list of shops participating in the sale.

Shop www.Cisnexpressions.Etsy.com to purchase this and other delightful goodies in my shop.

Don't forget to enter VSALE11 at check out to receive 15% off your entire order.

If you follow the EtsyGreetingsTeam Blog at WWW.EtsyGreetings.Blogspot.com you will find 10%, 20%, and 30% off sales as well as Buy one Get one FREE sales as well as Free Shipping in participating shops. Wow! What a bargain on great selections of Cards. Why are we having such a great sale? Well because we love you and we wanted to make sure you knew that by offering the best items at a great price.
Thank you for grasing me with your company!
May you have a fantastic day willed with massages and pizza and all the
extra hugs and smooches that come with it.

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