Delightingly thankful

As a new year dawns I stop and reflect on those that made last year meaningful for me.
This year I was blessed with special moments and meeting some pretty special people.
Last year I crossed paths with an inspiring couple.
This couple has dedicated their life in the missionary work and they
have dedicated their lives to God that they continue to go out of their comfort zone and
thousands of miles out of their home and away from who and what they know
to preach the good news to all that will listen.
They have refrained from having children to make a full and complete dedication yet
they live on a bounty of fulfillment and happiness for their work is not in vein.
The godlywork they carry within their hearts excerts more than just faith but hope
for a brighter future that no matter how difficult times get I know they are outthere putting 120% effort
to share faith and hope for a new world beyond our wildest dreams.
What they do is dificult and in this day and age not readily accepted.
Yet day by day they continue to inspire faith and courage as they keep moving forward with their efforts.
I know theres various missionary brothers and sisters doing the same
and I thank you for your courage your love for truth and the strength you excert others, plus me, to keep pressing forward sharing this wondeful dream.

No matter how challenging the task and how lonely they may feel away from their family
they keep moving along and that makes them priceless gems to me.

They aren't rich, like others concider beeing rich. They dont always have a place to stay but they are rich in the most meaningful ways in love and faith.
As I pondered on the wonderful words and delightful times shared
I can't help but show them how much they are appreciated in the most meaningful way that I know.
Therefore this card was inspired by this wonderful couple. Wherever you
may find yourselves may god continue to bless your every efforts as you continue to inspire mine.

Thank you!

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