Vegas brilliance

Vegas brilliance
January 2012

The dawn of a new year brings joy and the prospect of happiness along with cheerful wishes and bright cunning kisses. For the Groom that is. The new year brings happiness to bridal budgets and bright wedding wishes. December has gone and passed us by leaving the blue hues in the holiday spirit for a brighter wedding day inVegas? In the words of Mike Myers, "Vegas baby, yeah!" Vegas in January is not only a budget savvy wedding but a break for daring colors and fun
loving designs. Whether you plan your wedding in the sunny courtyard at the Mirage or the interiors of Chapel bliss this cunning, never subtle wedding scheme is sure to spin the new year to a great adventure. Parisian Princess Silk Gown (at left) by clairelafaye.etsy.com
 Vegas is a color lush a bounty where spectacular design is a must and sweet touches are a couples delight.
A Vegas wedding is one of intricate details. From dashing cherry blossom and pink feather boutonnieres (at left - ChloeAnnDesign.etsy.com) to fun Braided bridesmaid dress with bow belt sash (at right-by MyLolaFashion.etsy.com ).
Together this brilliance of color and bright modern elements has us wishing for the day we have our Vegas wedding making our Vegas brilliance Bride our New year (January2012) Bride of her Season.

Modern Floral Robins Egg Blue Love Birds by
Bright Pink Wedding Bouquet by Lilywinke.etsy.com


Happy Mail Giveaway - 52 Weeks of Mail

It is officially World Post Day - October 9, marking the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s establishment in 1874. The union aimed to create and maintain a structure for the free flow of international mail around the globe. In the spirit of keeping the free flow of communication the Etsy greetings team has taken the challenge to strengthen bonds thru the art of penmanship. Not giving much enphasis on how we write but why and to whom. We, Etsygreetings team, along side many other friends have challenged ourselves to a 52 Weeks of Mail experience. We vow to strengthen our relationships by sending one card or letter for every week for the next 52 weeks until October 7th of 2012. Relive the excitement and be part of this happy mail experience.

We will simply love you for it because we all love happy mail.  
Happy mail you say? Ofcourse happy mail, you know,
The mail that you be-friend the mail man for.The letter in which 
Grandma shares her date with Mr. Dudley, the love letters that release butterflies in the pit of your stomach, a happy card that moves and shifts simply to say hello. The words that bring smiles and happy thoughts to those that receive such gems of happiness are filling post offices first thing tomorrow morning.
How exciting! Aww, I loves happy mail. 

52 Weeks of Mail officially began this week and today is the first day. To start my 52 weeks of mail I have entered all those that followed the rules and commented, liked and loved to shop into the drawing to be my first 5 letters of correspondence:

The following winners

Mollymail, Kati, Emily J, Mjr2330, Adarring

will receive
1 - 5" x 5" squared Alice in Wonderland card 
1 - $15 gift certificate good to spend in my shop
and a personal hand written letter from me.

Thank you for your comments and your support in this project.
May your 52 weeks be fun filled and exciting.
Share your 52 Weeks of Mail journal with the Etsygreetings team at the official page on facebook by clicking here .

Happy Mail day to all!


happy notes

52 Weeks of Mail - Happy Notes

Greetings to all that have come to the unvailing of my greeting card giveaway. As you all know the Etsy Greetings team is in the eve of a wonderful project of 52 Weeks of Mail. An 52 Week experience of good old postage that will rock many relationships . May it bring many smiles and heartfelt wishes to all through the gestures of ink on paper. The Etsy greetings team is going old school. Im loving it. Sorry Mcdonald but I love the phrase.

In an effort to strengthen bonds and open the doors of communication through penmanship, stamps and much love I, with much excitement, will be giving away

these 5 Alice in Wonderland cards to 5 awesome people.

You must enter to win !

 Comment below, Let me know who you are going to write to on your 52 week experience and why.
 The reason for the comment is simply because I love reading and for a chance to get your name into the drawing. 

A maximum of 3 entries per person will be concidered.

Comment on my blog = 1 entry
Like me or comment on my facebook page = 1 entry
if you have purchased an item from my shop in the last month = 1 entry

Drawing Winners will receive :

1 - 5" x 5" squared, special eddition Alice in wonderland card as pictured above

( that you can mail to your loved one on this 52 weeks of mail along with)

1 - $15 gift certificate good toward a future card purchase in my shop

 Don't look now but the fall fairies are in the midst of new items on the horizon. So this certificate will bring you much more happiness in store. Stay tuned for a new line of Ruby Red slippers and yellow brick road collections that will have you wishing you were in kansas. Soon to arrive in my shop.

You've seen the prize, you know the rules, you have taken the challenge all their is left to do is comment, comment, comment. Be prepared to mailout your correspondence and enjoy your 52 weeks of mail experience.

Don't forget to spread the news of the giveaway and to stop by this sunday as the 52 Weeks of mail begins and the giveaway winners are revealed.

I love Alice in Wonderland and I simply love sharing with you.

Love,  Cisne


52 weeks of Mail

52 weeks of Mail Giveaway

Etsy Greeting team is inagurating 52 Weeks of Mail

Direct from our friends over at Handmadeology please read why this project has been a must start
 in our Etsy Greetings Team's hearts.

Of course we all love the internet, but there are many among us who just love to send and receive cards and letters.
When you think about it, it’s amazing to realize how easy it is to send cards, letters, and greetings anywhere in the world. Sometimes it takes a while to get there, admittedly, but there’s nothing like the look and feel of handwriting on paper. It’s not as fast as the internet, of course, but it’s just as easy, it’s accessible to everyone, and it’s deeply personal.
You might not know that World Post Day is coming up on October 9, marking the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s establishment in 1874. The union aimed to create and maintain a structure for the free flow of international mail around the world.

The Etsy Greetings Team, a collection of over 100 artists from all over the globe who collaborate to promote the art and craft of card making, is celebrating World Post Day by issuing a challenge that we are calling 52 Weeks of Mail. This idea sprung from one member’s desire to keep in touch better with friends and loved ones, and to be intentional about relationships. The idea is for people to commit to sending at least one personal note, card, letter, or postcard to people they know, once a week for a year. Of course, you can send MORE than one, but that’s up to you. Just think how happy this will make the Postal Services around to the world—not to mention those old friends!!
Here are three ways you can participate: read full article here

Yay, I love happy mail!

Speaking of  happy news I will be giving away 5 special designed greeting cards to start this experience on a happy note. All you have to do is let me know who you plan to write to and why. All the emails of those who have commented will be then put into my custom mail box and shuffled around. Then my daughter will draw at random the 5 winners to receive these great cards so that they can send to their loved ones in return.

This is how it will work.

Starting today..
Leave your comment here on my blog and receive 1 entry.

Find me on my facebook page and leave and additional comment and receive another entry.

If you have purchased an item from my shop here in the past month, you my friend, have received an additional entry.

Only 3 entries will be accepted by participant.

The winners will be randomly selected and posted on World Post Day, October 9th. Which is this Sunday.
I look forward to your comments.
As the 52 Weeks of Mail progress
I invite you to share your stories here as we continue to make new friends communicate with old friends
are strengthen one another one postage stamp at a time.

For some wonderful greeting cards
Check out this treasury of my fellow talented Etsygreetings team members here at www.etsygreetingsteam.blogspot.com

Happy correspondence to all!


Etsy Greetings Card swap - 2011

A great selection of cards was heading my way. With heartfelt excitement I patiently awaited by the mail box.. OK maybe not by the mailbox but by the door for my husband to walk in valiantly with my ecologically-intelligent designed postal box that read priority mail. The silence broke with the turning of the key and there it was peering through the door. Mr.Priority and the bubble wrapped card swap goodness warmly tucked
inside. Treasures of my fellow Etsy Greetings team mates, I was all smiles.The package in slow motion was strategically ripped open at the seams and there they were my long awaited cards.

A lovely bunch wouldn't you say? A true delight.

Well worth the wait.

I hope you (EtsyGreetings team mates) enjoy them as much as I will. A special thank you for all the hard work of set up and preparation and shipping of Mr.Priority for our card swap event goes to Susan of Killamcreative.blogspot.com. And a special thank you to all who have most graciously participated.   

May you have a fantastic day! Cisne


Baby buzz

The scent of Roses fill the morning sky as the warmth of the sun caresses the earth a buzz fills the air.  A baby buzz that is. Its summer time and as exciting as it is the time has come to deside on your baby shower theme. New cute and unique designs are the trend. I introduce you to my latest cutesy inovative design my Baby Buzz Collection. A simple design with baby beez as beautiful as the mama to bee. Here is a sneek peek of whats in store. Full line to be introduced wednesday of next week. Stay tuned Monday for a special giveaway. Oh so close. I can hardly wait. Until then enjoy the buzz... 

Etsy greetings giveaway

Good things come to those who wait . . I believe you waited enough and its here once again .. Etsy Greetings great . . nay grand . . nay fabulous giveaway

Shop with EtsyGreetings during the month of July
for your chance to win a beautiful collection of handmade greeting cards!
There are two ways to participate:

1. Make a purchase from a participating merchant during the month of July.
Complete our submission form and your name will be entered once for every item (greeting card or other) purchased.
Remember, you need to submit each transaction separately.
The more you buy, the more chances you have to win!

2. No purchase necessary!
You can also be entered to win by joining our mailing list.
Click here to join and your name will be entered into our drawing.

Ready to shop?
Click here to see all the greeting cards available from participating shops.
Or, click on any of the images below to be taken to a participating shop.
Remember, the more you buy, the better your chances of winning!

The big winner will receive one of each of . . . . visit www.Etsygreetings.blogspot.com to see the great prize . .

What are you waiting for all you need to do is sign up and for even better chances make a purchase at a participating shop and win. Yay!

May you all have a great day!


Teacher Appreciation SALE

"...The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." -William Arthur Ward

Show your A+ teacher you appreciate their every effort to make a well educated individual out of you. Say thank you to that special teacher that continues to inspire your child to become president in the years to come. We will always be thank full for all they give of themselves to make the future brighter. As a special thank you to all our teachers we will be having a teachers appreciation SALE
to help you show them how much you care take 10%, 15% or 20%.
Did someone say BOGO? Free shipping?
But of course! Great items, Great discounts, Great teachers
See Details at participating shops.

Participating shops:


... Important Dates to Remember ...

Teacher Appreciation week which is May 2nd thru May 7th and
Teacher Appreciation day falls on May 4th

Teacher Appreciation Sales will run Sunday, April 24 thru Sunday, May 1

Great cards for Great teachers
More selections at participating shops


CHA releases

For all you paper collectors, crafters, scrapbookers, ATC artists, altered artists and everyone that simply loves awesome things. Im so sorry, I'm so excited that I didn't say hello! Good morning to you beautiful people! Now on to the great news, this years CHA is only a few days away. As we anticipate new designs and new items from our favorite designer Im happy to share a few Pre-release favorites.

7 Gypsies, American Crafts, Echo park,Graphic 45, Imaginesce, Sassafras Lass and We are Memory Keepers' new designs to be unvailed at this years CHA now available to purchase.

Pictures are provided by Stop and Scrap.com. Pre-order your favorites at http://www.stopandscrap.com


Love is Handmade

Awesome sales to gear you up for a Day filled with Love.
I personally believe Dinner and a movie or Pizza and a massage or a cupcake with sprinkles or a simple gesture as receiving a classic Mickey Love pop is something that should be done on the daily to keep the loving fresh and invigorating. It is great to give just because you love and not because its expected or required to do so. I don't care for the expected. Now the unexpected is so much more exquisite a surprise. Whether you like to follow trends or you live out of the box you can prepare for your heartfelt days in this years Etsy Greetings Team SALE (which I'm part of by the way). Love Is Handmade SALE is a wide selection of creations geared around the wonderful emotion of Love. How does it work you say?, Well you can visit http://www.etsygreetings.blogspot.com/ to view a complete list of shops participating in the sale.

Shop www.Cisnexpressions.Etsy.com to purchase this and other delightful goodies in my shop.

Don't forget to enter VSALE11 at check out to receive 15% off your entire order.

If you follow the EtsyGreetingsTeam Blog at WWW.EtsyGreetings.Blogspot.com you will find 10%, 20%, and 30% off sales as well as Buy one Get one FREE sales as well as Free Shipping in participating shops. Wow! What a bargain on great selections of Cards. Why are we having such a great sale? Well because we love you and we wanted to make sure you knew that by offering the best items at a great price.
Thank you for grasing me with your company!
May you have a fantastic day willed with massages and pizza and all the
extra hugs and smooches that come with it.


Delightingly thankful

As a new year dawns I stop and reflect on those that made last year meaningful for me.
This year I was blessed with special moments and meeting some pretty special people.
Last year I crossed paths with an inspiring couple.
This couple has dedicated their life in the missionary work and they
have dedicated their lives to God that they continue to go out of their comfort zone and
thousands of miles out of their home and away from who and what they know
to preach the good news to all that will listen.
They have refrained from having children to make a full and complete dedication yet
they live on a bounty of fulfillment and happiness for their work is not in vein.
The godlywork they carry within their hearts excerts more than just faith but hope
for a brighter future that no matter how difficult times get I know they are outthere putting 120% effort
to share faith and hope for a new world beyond our wildest dreams.
What they do is dificult and in this day and age not readily accepted.
Yet day by day they continue to inspire faith and courage as they keep moving forward with their efforts.
I know theres various missionary brothers and sisters doing the same
and I thank you for your courage your love for truth and the strength you excert others, plus me, to keep pressing forward sharing this wondeful dream.

No matter how challenging the task and how lonely they may feel away from their family
they keep moving along and that makes them priceless gems to me.

They aren't rich, like others concider beeing rich. They dont always have a place to stay but they are rich in the most meaningful ways in love and faith.
As I pondered on the wonderful words and delightful times shared
I can't help but show them how much they are appreciated in the most meaningful way that I know.
Therefore this card was inspired by this wonderful couple. Wherever you
may find yourselves may god continue to bless your every efforts as you continue to inspire mine.

Thank you!


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