An inviting treat

Hope you are enjoying a nice and warm hot cocoa overflowing with the lather or marshmallows in the luxury of your most comfortable flannel pajamas. If you are I'm glad and if you're not take a brake and please do treat yourself to a day away from the hustle and bustle of the season.

Today I have a treat for you. Well, In all reality it is more of an inviting treat for my niece. She is just a few inches passed the 2nd grade phase and shes entering the princess palace and fancy attire years. As she towers more and more into this cute girl phase I knew it was only a matter of time until she would want her very own tea party. Much to my surprise, I was pleasantly pleased to be asked to make her special tea party invitations. More goodies for the party will be created with the wonderful enthusiasm and crafty talents of my daughter and my niece. In due time these fabulous details will be shared with you. For the meantime feast your eyes on these inviting "treats" my niece's guests will receive. Each invitation simple in design captivates your attention to the its vintage presence.

A princess greats you at the doors of the invitation.

This invitation is inspired by the gate folds of a palace. These tall and inviting doors are sealed with a "door knob" tag that reads Tea party held closed with a pale Rosie pink satin ribbon for that perfect vintage style.

As these gate fold doors open they reveal a table of tea pots and tea cup settings at the base in bright colorful tones.

The invitation details can then be handwritten in the spaces provided.

An inviting treat indeed. Have you enjoyed my treat of the day? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. May it inspire your tea party ventures.

Be sure to check out my Mad Hatter party invitations at http://www.cisnexpressions.etsy.com/


Craft Hour

I aplogize for my leave of absence but no worries I've been crafting whiles I was away and I wanted to update you on what I have been working on. As I was away my sis had her 13th anniversay and I made her and my bro-n-law a really cool anniversary card. I know many say 13 is not exactly a milestone enough for a party a card or a gift but I thank godness I don't think that. Everyday is a blessing and another year working together as a team is a great feat these days. I wanted to share with you all my creation which I am very proud of. Well enough with the small talk. Have a look see.
My inspiration was a " union made in heaven". I'm a sappy romantic. What can I say.
This card was dressed as a pleated stage. I made it as if it was a stage and as af I was peering into the sunset filled sky as this vintage motiff couple floats in each others loving arms. Romantic, hugh? I thought so too.
This card is florally detailed with my very own design of vintage handcrafted scriptural stems (now available at cisnexpressions.etsy.com) and my very own penmanshiped Happy Anniversary tag in dottiedelight, soon to be be available in my etsy shop. My favorite element of this card is the golden leaf tree at the top of the hill. It is enriched with golden gleams of perfect pearls. Simply love it!
Needless to say my sister and bro-n-law loved it. Hope you enjoy it as well. Thanks for the visit until next time.
May your life be filled with love laughter and the pitter patter of life unscripted and romatically infused.
Good morning, good evening, Love ya and good night!


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