Killiam Creative

Do you know this woman? Well you should!
You're in luck for this woman goes by the name of KilliamCreative and she is todays
friday featured shop artist.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to Susan, the mastermind
that runs the KillamCreative shop here on etsy.
Susan is an active creative in the artistic community of Maryland NY.
An amateur photographer, card designer, and paper crafter and a modest woman
above else has fills the emagination with delectable beauties.
But by the looks of her portfolio we can very well see that she is a great designer.
Her creativeness and carisma has certainly found its comfort in the beauties
she creates.
Susan's fascination for piecing projects together is a clear indication
of her photographic sence and ability to capture the moment.
A gift that can be admired in all her works.

Endearing and sweet her cards are simply darling.
If you found delight in Susan's wonderful works
You can find her at

This blogpost was inspired by: http://www.killamcreatives.etsy.com/
Brought to you by : http://www.cisnexpressions.etsy.com/

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Elves in the Attic

As the fall peeks over the horizon we can't help but pull out our list of gifts? no, no, no. Helpers of course. Mr.St.Nick has a north pole full of them and it seems that they have found a new place to scamper to. It seems that they have been spending their time up in the attic. The sound of little feet fill the empty spaces beneath the floor boards above. Shall we see what the

Have been up to? We sure will.

Every creation unique in its direction visually stands on its own charisma.
Completely in its own "parallel universe".
Julie started her creations as a child with the basic creating tools of that time,
good old paper and scissors. A favorite still to many this technique seems to have
flourished her creative nature morpheing into scrapbooking
and has found its way to be shared with the world through card crafting.
Of gothic demise Julie the Elf keeper has flourished in many creative colors and techniques.
I have to say the "dark side" suits her well.
As her creations come together in the attic or as she refers to it as her studiolet
they bring new life to goth design.

Wow, its like i walked into my freshman year. What a "freak".
I must meet her stylist. She's simply ravishing.
Her strokes of chaos otherwise known as her creativeness
to capture the realism is captivating.

Dare I say it ...... Spooky!
Natural attention to detail in a simple and captivating technique keeps
her elves as one of the top creatives of my october list.

So thats where little miss muffit sends her spider to vacation.
As this little spider vacations Julie finds her creatives are best
used to brighten the lives of many families over seas in the
Hero Arts/operation write home.This project is meant to
bring a smile and a warm hello to the families of the armed forces
as they continue to stand strong miles and miles away from each other.
Find out more of this cause by clicking the link below;

I can't get enough of this spider. Hes just too cool for words.
For more great finds from this weeks friday feaured artist

Thank you to Julie and her Elves in the Attic for making it a
great friday feature. After all its the creatives that make this segment a must read.
Thank you for allowing us to peer into your shop.
Want it fabulous, have it handcrafted
find it here on Etsygreetings


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