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There are things in life that you can't live without. Pets have them, children have them, calendars have special days to have plenty of them. What could these three seperate entities have in common? Why treats, ofcourse. Oh, the simple pleasures in life are what keep the spark in our eye the smile on our faces and the gitty in our laugh. Today's friday featured shop will have you doing all three. It is a treat all its own. I introduce to you a shop of illustrative treats to bring the child out in you. The seal of greatness is poured from the seems of a childhood and has found a home where it is shared with the world in the strands of illustration. I'm pleased to introduce you to

I am the Painted Peep Show

My name is Blake Roberts, I'm a Virgo on the cusp who loves long walks on the beach and grape flavored bubblegum... I kid! But, I do love reading a good folk story on a crisp Autumn day. I love painting or drawing while enjoying a nice glass of red wine. I grew up in Oklahoma, went to school in Georgia, and have lived in Los Angeles and New York. I was just accepted in the Society of Illustrators and work part time (outside of my illustration job). My work has been sold coast-to-coast and internationally.

The Painted Peep Show began with . . .

The first item(s) that started my shop was a series of four Halloween cards. But, I began drawing my own comic books as a small child and would copy and sell them to my classmates. I still sell work in my Etsy store, The Painted Peep Show, and continue to create narrative images. Most of my favorite pieces are children's book style illustrations that, I believe, can be appreciated equally by adults and their kids.

My favorite technique at the moment &
the tool I favor the most in my shop is . .

My favorite technique is probably graphite, but lately I've been more inspired to do watercolor or gouache paintings. And my favorite tool would be my light box... I would be lost without it!

What inspires your creations and what sparks your creativity?

So many things, but here are the most consistent: Halloween, autumn, folk tales, children's books, music...

Name one favorite item from your store & why is it so dear to you?

The Halloween card with the "lonely witch" is my favorite item. I think it tells an interesting, but simple story (or can even be enjoyed on a superficial level). Is she waiting for someone to answer the door, or just disappointed that she was given a toothbrush as a "treat"?

What lies ahead for the Painted Peep Show?

Ultimately, I will be doing children's book illustrations. I want to influence young people with my images in the same way that children's books inspired me to draw when I was young.

Find me at . . .

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Words of Wisdom . . . .

Never stop telling stories and using that imagination! And, to my fellow Crafters/Artists/Sellers, remember, everything you create is yours. Don't be discouraged by slow months. If you're getting down on your work, step back and reassess why you do what you do (and who you're really doing it for).

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