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Good day to you all from Etsy Greetings!
Today we have a treat of a bargain and another fine shop to share with you.
Fiona Designs' cards has been featured in many treasuries on etsy and I'm happy to say she is now gracing us with her passion, expertise and great cards. She has been featured on the following treasuries

and she continues to share her passions through her thoughts, feelings and expressions of color and sentiments in her wonderful cards. See her work in the treasuries above or in her shop but today she is found with us here at Etsy Greetings. She is curently offering great items at great prices in the latest christmas in July Etsy sale. What a great beginning to what has begun a bargain weekend. Great deals aside here on Ety Greetings fridays is the best way to get to know your favorite shop owners. Therefore I am pleased to introduce you to Fiona the mastermind, designer, creater, amongst other things, shop owner of Fionadesigns located athttp://www.fionadesigns.etsy.com/ .

{ Tell us a little about yourself...}

{ I am a } Stationery Designer . Artist . Graphic Designer . Photographer . Knitter.
I am a graphic designer and an artist, designing stationery and greeting cards, and also have corporate experience as an art director at a Fortune 1000 company. I earned an MFA in 2000 from Parsons School of Design. Designing stationery is what I am passionate about. Creating sentiments and then placing them on the page until I am happy with the layout is enjoyable and satisfying. Then it's on to color (and Pantone swatches!!) and finally picking that perfect shimmery envelope to color coordinate with the design. I am relatively new to etsy and I am thoroughly enjoying the etsy greetings team and am slightly (okay - really) addicted to creating treasuries which I have only recently discovered.

{ What was the first item{s} that started you in your craft? }

There were actually two holiday cards that got me started.

{ What is your favorite technique at the moment
and what tool do you favor the most in your shop? }
The tool that I use most often is my computer - I am a huge Mac fan. I also would be lost without all the wonderful typefaces and quality printing businesses out there!

{ What inspires your creations and what sparks your creativity? }

So many things inspire me - the loved ones in my life especially - many of the sentiments on the cards were created with them in mind. From a visual perspective I am constantly inspired and in awe of nature, flowers, birds, landscapes, you name it. I love taking photographs that you can see on my blog. Knitting and painting pet portraits in acrylics also really sparks my creativity.

{ Name one favorite item from your store and why is it so dear to you? }

It's so difficult to pick a favorite but the most meaningful design is "welcome to the world oh sweet little one" as it was created with my newborn niece in mind at the time.

{ What are your future goals, personally and as a shop owner/crafter? }

I want to continue to expand xed notes and flats are coming soon! A card will be posted every day in July in conjunction with Fiona Designs' "Christmas in July Sale."

{ Let us know where we can find you .. etsy .. facebook... blog... etc. }

{Any special advice, comments, wisdom or thank yous you would like to share with pur readers?}
I want to say thank you to the etsy greetings team for this opportunity!

There you got it folks simple and sweet down to the core.

This has been another delightful Etsy Greetings day

Until next time { keep it real keep it handcrafted keep it Etsy Greetings}

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