Wild Wednesday – Wed 19th (May)

Today I’m proud to announce that we have a new member to the Cubie. In the form of a fuzzy penguin full of great character and spunk is my best friend Leese. Great to have you grace our lives with your awesome self.

Being that it is wild Wednesday, we thought it would be the perfect day to re introduce Leese the penguin to our shelve level and to inspire you with our new line up. We expect many great things from ourselves and you should expect even greater things from us as well therefore here it goes.

Here ye Here ye. The unveiled of the new weekly Line Up is here. A little some some to keep you current on the latest and greatest.

Monday Mash up – Great crafting projects will be shared to all for all. We look to share new great projects to spark the artist in you. Monday mash up is created to keep fresh and current.

Travel Tuesdays – Its all about traveling here on travel Tuesday. Anything and everything travel. We will be blogging our Travelogues of cards, arts, techniques, pictures, just life from all around the world.

Wild Wednesdays – Informative, intuitive or simply silly Topics from A-Z. Anything goes. Keeping current with your very own Leese and Chio. Life on demand. Ji ji!

TG@F – Thank god it’s almost Friday – Wrapping up the week with 5 minute techniques and 15 minute projects. You received a last minute invitation for this evening? Science project due tomorrow? Teacher appreciation day tomorrow? You hung the shelve crooked? Don’t worry we have you covered with simple and easy fix it projects from items at home and some not so at home. Stuff that works and stuff that doesn’t to fix it before he gets home.

Friday Fanatics – Items we love, free “bees”, promotions, sales, samples, coupons etc…
Woo hoo! Fun fun fun! If you paid attention to the blog all week this should be a breeze. Answer the question of the week correctly and be entered to win the Free “Bee” of the week. Which will be showcased Monday morning and winner will be chosen and announced first thing Wild Wednesdays. Woo hoo!

I see a bright future, exciting things, wonderful projects and fantastic people to share nothing more than their awesomeness! Until tomorrow we say good bye to today.

The curtain falls on yet another Cubie Corner Day ~ The Cubie Crew

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