T G @ F - Thursday May 20th

T G @ F - Thursday May 20th

Thank God {its} almost Friday

What do you think of Tim Holtz?

We think hes a Genius, true genius!

I love the guy and what is more I love his artistic brilliance which he shares with all of us through his awesome products. Just the other day, on my weekly trip to Hobby Lobby, I found myself starring at a sea of ink pads. I was weary as to which ink pad would be best for my distressed project. Then a gleam of light sparkled in flourishes of tattered rose and clocks ticked in broken china blues. Gleams of brilliance shined to the Tim Holtz distress ink collection. There was nothing left to do than to grab a basket full. I simply love these ink pads and can’t get enough of them. These particular ink pads have some really creative fun properties. Here is a five second technique from Tim Holtz Himself.


1 - Tim Holtz non stick sheet works best but household wax paper would work too
1 – tag or piece of thick cardstock
1 – Tim Holtz distress ink pad of choice
1- Spray bottle filled with clean water your work space

1. Place you non stick pad down on your workspace
2. Rub your distress ink pad in a circular motion onto your non stick sheet
3. Rub your cardstock over the ink.
{This technique will distribute the color just to give that old photo look.}
This is your 5 second technique

Just for fun start fresh with step

2. Using the same side or backside of your cardstock or tag
continue with the following steps

4. With your spray bottle (mist setting) spray onto the rubbed ink onto your non stick pad
{like magic - the ink will become droplets of color due to the distress inks water resistant properties}
5. With your cardstock graze the color droplets on your non stick pad.
{the droplets become visible against the color }

Now isn’t that awesome? Now you can take your inkpad and define the edge by taking the inkpad directly to the edges of the tag. Please allow ample time to dry or you may dry iron your tag flat. If you have a
heat embossing tool you can use this tool to dry the tag. Now you are ready to embellish and personalize to taste.

Here are pictures of my project I mentioned above.
What do you do with your distress inks?

Up load your link showcasing your distress projects so that we can admire your brilliance.

Signing off on yet another artistic day in the Cubie Corner ~ Cisne

Check out this site for a 15 minute project directly from Tim Holtz himself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtGJ8_kwLk4

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Craftypagan said...

I love Tim Holtz! I couldn't live without my distress inks!


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