- Friday May 21st

Fanatic Friday

When I began card making it was thrilling and exciting. It was all unicorns and rainbows until my husband gathered all my expenses. Needless to say it is an expensive hobby. Wowzah! Well here in my Cubie Corner we love to find ways to alleviate the expense. We have set out to find the best deals, great freebies, the hottest sales and did I mention great freebies from some awesome artist shops straight to you. Lucky you! Well this weeks’ freebie comes from a wonderful shop full of fantastic templates for that perfect packaging. Envelope templates for your cards that is. Customized envelopes adds a little something extra special to for your greeting cards. In order to create your very own fantastic envelopes follow the link below { http://www.ruthannzaroff.com/mirkwooddesigns/templates.htm }
Please note that all the templates on this site are for personal use and not for commercial use.
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~ Here is a message from the Artist behind these great templates.~
Please note that these templates are my own design, although templates often bear resemblance to one another. You are free to use the templates to make items to give or sell, but please do not sell the templates themselves; that includes auctioning them off on eBay (you know who you are).

Please refrain from selling these templates. On the other hand they can be used to create and sell your creations or use it as inspiration to create your very own templates. What a great freebie for your dynamic projects. Like it? Love it? Let me know. Pass the love and continue crafting.

Signing off on yet another bright sunny day from our Cubie Corner to yours

Cubie Corner Crew
Find the featured envelope products at www.sexygirl.etsy.com & www.randylise's.etsy.com
Featured template shop located at www.ruthannzaroff.com

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DawnCorrespondence said...

This is FANTASTIC, Rocio! Thank you so much for allowing us to use these!


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