Bargains at Etsy Greetings

~@@~ sALe! ~@@~ sALe! ~@@~ sALe!

You like a sale? Are you a bargain hunter? Heads up then!

EtsyGreetings 5 Spot Sale
Saturday, May 15
Spend $5, Get $5
Spend $5 in a participating shop and receive a $5 gift certificate toward
your next purchase of $10 or more.
Complete details at ~ http://www.etsygreetings.blogspot.com/ ~ for a list of participating shops.

One day only! The more you shop the more you save.

Can't wait? Me either. Here's an inside scoop on how to be the first to 'snag' that awesome one of a kind card and receive $5 back for it. Sounds great to me. Heres how you do it.
1. Follow my blog by visiting http://www.cisnexpressions.blogspot.com/ and select follow.
2. Visit etsygreetings.blogspot.com a.s.a.p. for a listing of the participation shops.
3. Browse through all the awesome items. Heart any and all items you love.
4. By following my blog you will receive a personal "Sale Call" on the day of the sale. That way you can be the first to purchase some of the best cards Etsy Greetings has to offer.

It will be worth your while. I guarentee it!
Have fun snagging them deals!
Here's a tezzer of a few cards from participating shops that I know you will love too.

Happy bargain hunting to all !

Eagerly awaiting as the curtain falls on yet another Cubie Corner Day ~ Cisne Expressions


HollyCraft said...

Thanks for adding my card!! I think I will steal some of your wording for my blog! Thanks!

Tracey Brossart said...

Such a great way to promote the sale! And thank you so much for adding my father's day card! :D

Cara said...

Happy Sales!!! Enjoy the weekend!


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