- Friday May 21st

Fanatic Friday

When I began card making it was thrilling and exciting. It was all unicorns and rainbows until my husband gathered all my expenses. Needless to say it is an expensive hobby. Wowzah! Well here in my Cubie Corner we love to find ways to alleviate the expense. We have set out to find the best deals, great freebies, the hottest sales and did I mention great freebies from some awesome artist shops straight to you. Lucky you! Well this weeks’ freebie comes from a wonderful shop full of fantastic templates for that perfect packaging. Envelope templates for your cards that is. Customized envelopes adds a little something extra special to for your greeting cards. In order to create your very own fantastic envelopes follow the link below { http://www.ruthannzaroff.com/mirkwooddesigns/templates.htm }
Please note that all the templates on this site are for personal use and not for commercial use.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

~ Here is a message from the Artist behind these great templates.~
Please note that these templates are my own design, although templates often bear resemblance to one another. You are free to use the templates to make items to give or sell, but please do not sell the templates themselves; that includes auctioning them off on eBay (you know who you are).

Please refrain from selling these templates. On the other hand they can be used to create and sell your creations or use it as inspiration to create your very own templates. What a great freebie for your dynamic projects. Like it? Love it? Let me know. Pass the love and continue crafting.

Signing off on yet another bright sunny day from our Cubie Corner to yours

Cubie Corner Crew
Find the featured envelope products at www.sexygirl.etsy.com & www.randylise's.etsy.com
Featured template shop located at www.ruthannzaroff.com


Feature Friday - EtsyGreetingsBlogspot.com

Feature Friday - May 21st, 2010

It’s all about spectacular shops on Fridays here at Etsy Greetings.

This week we introduce to you a newly integrated shop full of charm and whimsy. This shop goes by

Rowena (the artist) is a beauty of whimsy at work with her best selling Alice in wonderland items. Shes located just around the corner at http://www.craftypagan.etsy.com/

Thank you Rowena for the opportunity to allow us to peer into your creativity from behind the scenes. Now do tell, What is it that makes Crafty Pagan the great shop it is.

1. Tell us about you and your shop.

I'm 27, very happily married with a 2 year old little boy. We live in in the UK. I'm a stay at home mum but in any and all of my spare time I craft and run my etsy shop

2. How did you get started in your craft?

I've been into arts and crafty things most of my life but didn't really get the stamping bug until I was pregnant when I discovered scrapbooking. Soon after I found stamping and things have developed from there really! I get such a sense of achievement making pretty and unique cards and gifts and I love the thought of my work brightening someone's day on the other side of the world! Although I'm a UK seller 99% of my customers are overseas:)

3. What tool could you not live without?

I couldn't live without my cuttlebug to cut all my alice in wonderland tags-especially since they're my most popular item!

4. What inspires you?

So many things! Colours, textures, movies, art and the wonderful blogging community-I can look for hours at the stunning work that stampers/cardmakers etc produce on their blogs!

5. Name one favorite item from your store?

Well my bestselling items are most definitely from my Alice in Wonderland section
I think almost everyone loves the book and their love for all things Alice has been reignited by the fab Tim Burton film. On that note here's a link to my Alice in Wonderland place cards-I just love these!

It’s awesome to be featured on the Friday Features post on Etsy Greetings!
It's an honour to be featured! Thanks so much, it really means a lot to me:) Rowena xxx

Defenitely adding this shop to my favorites. Hope you enjoyed this segment of Feature Friday.

Until next friday, keep it real crafty cheek and all unique.

~ Cisne Expressions ~


T G @ F - Thursday May 20th

T G @ F - Thursday May 20th

Thank God {its} almost Friday

What do you think of Tim Holtz?

We think hes a Genius, true genius!

I love the guy and what is more I love his artistic brilliance which he shares with all of us through his awesome products. Just the other day, on my weekly trip to Hobby Lobby, I found myself starring at a sea of ink pads. I was weary as to which ink pad would be best for my distressed project. Then a gleam of light sparkled in flourishes of tattered rose and clocks ticked in broken china blues. Gleams of brilliance shined to the Tim Holtz distress ink collection. There was nothing left to do than to grab a basket full. I simply love these ink pads and can’t get enough of them. These particular ink pads have some really creative fun properties. Here is a five second technique from Tim Holtz Himself.


1 - Tim Holtz non stick sheet works best but household wax paper would work too
1 – tag or piece of thick cardstock
1 – Tim Holtz distress ink pad of choice
1- Spray bottle filled with clean water your work space

1. Place you non stick pad down on your workspace
2. Rub your distress ink pad in a circular motion onto your non stick sheet
3. Rub your cardstock over the ink.
{This technique will distribute the color just to give that old photo look.}
This is your 5 second technique

Just for fun start fresh with step

2. Using the same side or backside of your cardstock or tag
continue with the following steps

4. With your spray bottle (mist setting) spray onto the rubbed ink onto your non stick pad
{like magic - the ink will become droplets of color due to the distress inks water resistant properties}
5. With your cardstock graze the color droplets on your non stick pad.
{the droplets become visible against the color }

Now isn’t that awesome? Now you can take your inkpad and define the edge by taking the inkpad directly to the edges of the tag. Please allow ample time to dry or you may dry iron your tag flat. If you have a
heat embossing tool you can use this tool to dry the tag. Now you are ready to embellish and personalize to taste.

Here are pictures of my project I mentioned above.
What do you do with your distress inks?

Up load your link showcasing your distress projects so that we can admire your brilliance.

Signing off on yet another artistic day in the Cubie Corner ~ Cisne

Check out this site for a 15 minute project directly from Tim Holtz himself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtGJ8_kwLk4


Wild Wednesday – Wed 19th (May)

Today I’m proud to announce that we have a new member to the Cubie. In the form of a fuzzy penguin full of great character and spunk is my best friend Leese. Great to have you grace our lives with your awesome self.

Being that it is wild Wednesday, we thought it would be the perfect day to re introduce Leese the penguin to our shelve level and to inspire you with our new line up. We expect many great things from ourselves and you should expect even greater things from us as well therefore here it goes.

Here ye Here ye. The unveiled of the new weekly Line Up is here. A little some some to keep you current on the latest and greatest.

Monday Mash up – Great crafting projects will be shared to all for all. We look to share new great projects to spark the artist in you. Monday mash up is created to keep fresh and current.

Travel Tuesdays – Its all about traveling here on travel Tuesday. Anything and everything travel. We will be blogging our Travelogues of cards, arts, techniques, pictures, just life from all around the world.

Wild Wednesdays – Informative, intuitive or simply silly Topics from A-Z. Anything goes. Keeping current with your very own Leese and Chio. Life on demand. Ji ji!

TG@F – Thank god it’s almost Friday – Wrapping up the week with 5 minute techniques and 15 minute projects. You received a last minute invitation for this evening? Science project due tomorrow? Teacher appreciation day tomorrow? You hung the shelve crooked? Don’t worry we have you covered with simple and easy fix it projects from items at home and some not so at home. Stuff that works and stuff that doesn’t to fix it before he gets home.

Friday Fanatics – Items we love, free “bees”, promotions, sales, samples, coupons etc…
Woo hoo! Fun fun fun! If you paid attention to the blog all week this should be a breeze. Answer the question of the week correctly and be entered to win the Free “Bee” of the week. Which will be showcased Monday morning and winner will be chosen and announced first thing Wild Wednesdays. Woo hoo!

I see a bright future, exciting things, wonderful projects and fantastic people to share nothing more than their awesomeness! Until tomorrow we say good bye to today.

The curtain falls on yet another Cubie Corner Day ~ The Cubie Crew


5 Spot Sale

Etsy Greetings 5 Spot S@le!
The anticipation is over. The doors have opened on a beautiful saturday morning.
Pull up a chair place your coffee to your right and your newspaper on the left and shop shop shop.
Today only! Be the first to snag that great one of a kind greeting card and receive $5 bucks. Great deals going on now! Hurry sale ends midnight tonite!
Visit www.Etsygreetings.blogspot.com for more details
Hury times a tickin you better get picking. The more you buy the more you save.

The rooster rises with the sun on yet another Cubie Corner Day ~ Cisnexpressions


Bargains at Etsy Greetings

~@@~ sALe! ~@@~ sALe! ~@@~ sALe!

You like a sale? Are you a bargain hunter? Heads up then!

EtsyGreetings 5 Spot Sale
Saturday, May 15
Spend $5, Get $5
Spend $5 in a participating shop and receive a $5 gift certificate toward
your next purchase of $10 or more.
Complete details at ~ http://www.etsygreetings.blogspot.com/ ~ for a list of participating shops.

One day only! The more you shop the more you save.

Can't wait? Me either. Here's an inside scoop on how to be the first to 'snag' that awesome one of a kind card and receive $5 back for it. Sounds great to me. Heres how you do it.
1. Follow my blog by visiting http://www.cisnexpressions.blogspot.com/ and select follow.
2. Visit etsygreetings.blogspot.com a.s.a.p. for a listing of the participation shops.
3. Browse through all the awesome items. Heart any and all items you love.
4. By following my blog you will receive a personal "Sale Call" on the day of the sale. That way you can be the first to purchase some of the best cards Etsy Greetings has to offer.

It will be worth your while. I guarentee it!
Have fun snagging them deals!
Here's a tezzer of a few cards from participating shops that I know you will love too.

Happy bargain hunting to all !

Eagerly awaiting as the curtain falls on yet another Cubie Corner Day ~ Cisne Expressions


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