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As I look around in a room of great artistry I found myself inspired by my fellow Etsy Greetings family to share my views of their remarkable work.. and so the story begins with..

Humble Beginnings

A diamond (to many) is an object of splendor, an object of affection, a sign of power and protection, a symbol of innocence and so much more. It is a precious gemstone that comes in beautiful array of colors and sizes and one of the most valued. They are wonderful pieces of coal. Coal ??! Yes, coal.In fact diamonds truly originate from coal. Coals convert into a diamond quite remarkably. A lump of coal must process into its purest form called graphite. Graphite in turn transforms into diamonds, Simple enough? Well the process is anything but simple yet extraordinary. It is a process that takes years with processes of temperatures over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures that are almost 50 times higher than that of the earth’s surface. How unbelievable to know that something as ugly as coal can be transformed into something as beautiful as diamonds. Now that you know this, Do you value diamonds differently? We can’t help to be mesmerized at how extraordinary this precious art form really is.

Lump of Coal

Diamonds” are a rare commodity and are found in the most unexpected places. ttp://www.forthetiny.etsy.com/ therefore artisans see with their imaginations and “process” the film reels of their creativity into extraordinary works of art.


Although artist works differ from a diamond they too begin just as another lump of coal. For a greeting card artist this lump of coal is a blank, usually, card stock canvas. Therefore, upon a http://www.forthetiny.etsy.com/ blank canvas the process begins. Before an artist starts to work they need the basic tools for their craft. The most important besides the basic card stocks and adhesives is inspiration. Ask any artist and they will agree that there’s no art without inspiration. For artist, Sharon @ www.cardmaven.etsy.com her inspiration lies in;” the paper I choose, OR the card which I’m requested to do. My mode of operation is to make a lot of blanks with scrapbook paper and then let inspiration take over"

The inspiration question has always been a difficult one for any artisan to answer. We thank you for the attempt Sharon. Inspiration is difficult to be put in words therefore we share it through our art.For beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and inspiration is the emotion that gleams from the appreciation we feel for what we see.




Anything but simple

The process to create great greeting cards is similar to the process of a diamond, anything but simple.
“With me, it is a building process. I just keep trying and adding and when I think enough is enough, I add inside words, glitter, if needed, and call it done. (As I sell $2 cards, I do not feel I need to over-embellish them. Simple and basic is where I'm at”, Sharon @
Well Sharon makes it sounds simple. Ha Ha Ha. Let me rephrase. The creation process is a special process. A greeting card consists of technique, color, great wording, great paper mediums and the perfect font amongst other important details.

“When creating a card, I take several things into consideration.First, What inspires me at the time? Sometimes it's the season, sometimes it's architecture, sometimes it's a mood I'm feeling. Then I really try to make something that will not only let MY personality shine through as the designer, but that will help the sender's personality shine through as well. Sometimes that means incorporating a bit of humor, sometimes love, sometimes just a little generosity. ‘In these fast passed high-tech times’ taking the time to even send a handwritten card is very generous.” Amanda www.etsy.com/shop/DawnCorrespondence

"I love to take photos of nature.I then take my time and it a card comes into my mind to match the photo.Other times I have a thought about a card I want to send myself.I then look for a scene to photograph that will fit the thought.I guess there is not just one inspiration." www.shopforthetiny.etsy.com



The Diamond touch

After drawing blanks, a couple drafts, card stock, embellishments, and loads of adhesives (glue) inspiration strikes again. Inspiration comes over and every element works together just like Mickey in Fantasia, then in the words of famous chef, Elm (from Elm’s kitchen) BAM, Diamonds!
I really enjoy finishing a creation and feeling like it is something really different from the other cards available - as far as design, occasion, and text. It’s refreshing when I have a viewer or customer say,
"Wow, I would have never thought of that!" That really makes me feel good about what I am doing.




The true value is the emotional exchange and the twinkle in our customer’s eyes as they see their cards. Artist “simply” capture the moments and share them through the pupils of our creativity. It is in many ways rewarding to any artist.

Ultimately as artists we can all agree with the statement
“My diamonds are {our} happy customers!”

Sharon @ www.cardmaven.etsy.com

The ideas and information expressed on this article are simply my personal views and expressions and of those who happily shared their views. Thank you to all for your wonderful art works and for letting me pick your brains.

Signing off on yet another Cubie Corner day
Cisne Expressions



DawnCorrespondence said...

This is a wonderful post! So inspiring and thoughtful. Thank you SO much for including me in this amazing feature!

Cara said...

Great job and many thanks for including me. Hugs,


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