Memory lane

Hello Everyone,

Needless to say Im feeling a little sad. My best friends went crazy and got married these past years. I'm really happy for them, but many have moved so far away. Packing the kitchen sink and moved to be with their prince charmings in other states. As time passes I can't help but miss my dear friends. Reminicing over pictures of the "Gals" as we used to crash the clubs heating up the nite life. Well I can surely say that many good things came out of this road down memory lane.

It has sparked a stream of flashbacks that inspired some great ideas for my friendship line of products and a poem inspired by the moments of life that stream us by and leave a heartflet memory.

Still life pictures dare hang in a life line of memories

there stands the portrait of my beauty pink ladies

Stilletos of blue, lips of scarlett red

girls on the prawl lucky men beware

the girls hit the town

no target amiss just to later laugh and life reminis

a surpluss of laughter embossed in my head

burning rubber on the pavement

as our lives reach full speed

life, love and child bearing memories

Life has clipped our outings

but we remain fancy free

forever inspiring each other

beeing the hanky in time of need

Cheers to my gals, shoes on the wire

Leaving inpiration of pink sparks to admire

Signing off until the sun shines
on yet another Cubie Corner day

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Handmade in Israel said...

Keep going! Blogging is such fun and quite addictive! Gets some pictures in there aswell to pretty it up! Good luck.


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