The Abyss of my Psyche - a formal intro

Welcome to abyss of my psyche.

A world untouched my man and feared by my husband.
The spark in my head that brainstorms 100 miles an hour. Words is what manages to escape my imagination. My Imagination captures the rest and finds ways to create visuals of manuscripts of what lies within.
I share it through my goofy nature, my "sweetness" (so I've been told), and my crafts.
I'm quite introverted therefore my stronghold lies in writing.
I can fully express myself through my words and my creations.
Therefore here I am!

~ A little about myself ~
Born and raised on the border of Texas and Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico. Great old El Paso, Texas. Focused my studied in a drafting and design vocation in high school. I Graduated and immediately landed a career as a Drafting operator for a cabinet shop. I loved my job yet I parted ways as a great position opened up with a well known State accredited construction firm.

I've been a drafting designer for Tropicana Homes ever since.
It's been a great ten year run. During all these years with Tropicana I met my best friend, Leese. We would brainstorm on new and innovative party themes. Seems that we would always get stuck with the office party decorating task. I would make our ideas come to life with my handy craftiness. Little did I know that I would love it. I was pleasantly surprised that everyone loved my creations.

There had never been a tickle to pursue anything further than scrap booking but Leese's love and enthusiasm spilled into my creativity and I started selling greeting cards out of my corner office located in my son's room.
~ Shop name ~

My Cubie Corner shop name was inspired by my daughter. I am her number one fan and she has her very own cubie at school were she has all her creatives. So I felt like the odd one out without my own cubie. I promised her that I would have my very own cubie where I can place my very own creatives. Now I happily report that I found my cubie corner here at blogger.

Thanks to Leese, my daughter, friends and family I was ready to make it official. A business of my own of paperie goods for special occasions. I set up shop at http://www.cisnexpressions.com/

Now I can say the "tickle" has solidified into accomplished goals for my shop and new sunrises are just a horizon away. For now I continue to work with Tropicana Homes and share my creative nature with the world through my shop on www.Etsy.com/shop/cisnexpressions and my personal site at http://www.cisnexpressions.com/.

Well It's been real and its been fun but the time has come to say goodbye.

until the sun shines on yet another Cubie Corner day.

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