An inviting treat

Hope you are enjoying a nice and warm hot cocoa overflowing with the lather or marshmallows in the luxury of your most comfortable flannel pajamas. If you are I'm glad and if you're not take a brake and please do treat yourself to a day away from the hustle and bustle of the season.

Today I have a treat for you. Well, In all reality it is more of an inviting treat for my niece. She is just a few inches passed the 2nd grade phase and shes entering the princess palace and fancy attire years. As she towers more and more into this cute girl phase I knew it was only a matter of time until she would want her very own tea party. Much to my surprise, I was pleasantly pleased to be asked to make her special tea party invitations. More goodies for the party will be created with the wonderful enthusiasm and crafty talents of my daughter and my niece. In due time these fabulous details will be shared with you. For the meantime feast your eyes on these inviting "treats" my niece's guests will receive. Each invitation simple in design captivates your attention to the its vintage presence.

A princess greats you at the doors of the invitation.

This invitation is inspired by the gate folds of a palace. These tall and inviting doors are sealed with a "door knob" tag that reads Tea party held closed with a pale Rosie pink satin ribbon for that perfect vintage style.

As these gate fold doors open they reveal a table of tea pots and tea cup settings at the base in bright colorful tones.

The invitation details can then be handwritten in the spaces provided.

An inviting treat indeed. Have you enjoyed my treat of the day? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. May it inspire your tea party ventures.

Be sure to check out my Mad Hatter party invitations at http://www.cisnexpressions.etsy.com/


Craft Hour

I aplogize for my leave of absence but no worries I've been crafting whiles I was away and I wanted to update you on what I have been working on. As I was away my sis had her 13th anniversay and I made her and my bro-n-law a really cool anniversary card. I know many say 13 is not exactly a milestone enough for a party a card or a gift but I thank godness I don't think that. Everyday is a blessing and another year working together as a team is a great feat these days. I wanted to share with you all my creation which I am very proud of. Well enough with the small talk. Have a look see.
My inspiration was a " union made in heaven". I'm a sappy romantic. What can I say.
This card was dressed as a pleated stage. I made it as if it was a stage and as af I was peering into the sunset filled sky as this vintage motiff couple floats in each others loving arms. Romantic, hugh? I thought so too.
This card is florally detailed with my very own design of vintage handcrafted scriptural stems (now available at cisnexpressions.etsy.com) and my very own penmanshiped Happy Anniversary tag in dottiedelight, soon to be be available in my etsy shop. My favorite element of this card is the golden leaf tree at the top of the hill. It is enriched with golden gleams of perfect pearls. Simply love it!
Needless to say my sister and bro-n-law loved it. Hope you enjoy it as well. Thanks for the visit until next time.
May your life be filled with love laughter and the pitter patter of life unscripted and romatically infused.
Good morning, good evening, Love ya and good night!


Organize it, Craft Style!

Hello ,

I apologize for beeing away but I've been working on my craft crazed cubie. I'm madly working away until wee hours of the owls eye that I can't seem to have the inspiration to place everything back exactly where it belongs. Well in reality its difficult to organize when your space is limited, but I will get back to you on my attempt and success. Yay! sucess should be evident soon. waha ha ha ha! Sorry keeping awake keeping awake. yay expresso! Did U mention that I was MaD! ha ha ha.

Well my craft "room" has a few challenges that will need to be tamed but we shall do it. Me my madnesss and I shall make this all work. Here is a runoff of what the challenge this will be.

Here are a few pictures of my work space before and a few after shots soon to be updated
when the work is completed.

My Craft room is my sons Nurser room. Hes a doll to allow me to claim his room I mean share his space. My toddler designated me a wall space of 9 feet. Well in reality it is 4'-9" (' = feet , " = inches). Theres a pesky 4'-4" window interrupting my leased space. Maybe I should of tooken the window into account when we were making our gumball and blow pop lease arrangement. Oh Well, what can I say hes a smart cookie.

Well so far the challenges are

1) limited space
2) my son loves stickers and paper and tools and everything
safe storage is a must
3) must match the safari theme of room or camouflouge in it.

4) must organize and store for easy access

a)paper b)sticker c)cloth & materials
d)printer and crafting & sewing machines
e)Architectural layout desk of 36" x 42"
f)stamp storage
g)tons of much more

Well "isn't that a kick in the head" ( I simply love Sinatra). Well I will report back to you soon. For the meanwhile let me know what works best for you and your crafty room.

Im off to see the wizard but If you all have a few ideas please feel free to share.

Oh yes, before I begin my journey I would like to share an organization tip that I have found to be very usefull to minimize the amount of ribbon spool clutter.

Its time consuming but my daughter loves helping with the winding. Its surprising how much space you save in using this system. Purchase a tackle box from your local Walmart, or pigglywiggly (i love that word, It makes me giggle). A tackle box can be found in the fishing section. To save a little of your money fund reuse cereal boxes and or use chipboard. Cut the chipboard/cereal box into 2" by 3" rectangles (or as needed) to fit the spaces in your tackle box. With your 2" circle craft punch punch out a half circle on both longer sides of the rectagle. Be careful not to punch this half circles too close to eachother. The board will look like a capital i like this one > I. You then begin winding the ribbon onto the circle punched sides of the card. When done winding the ribbon place a push pin on the end of the ribbon to secure it in place. Sergical tape can be used to hold the ribbon down as well but I find that this tape leaves sticky residue but the tape can be reused as long as it maintains its stickyness. I had a large Postal box full of ribbon odds and ends and they magically were reduced to half of that. Wow simply awesome! Give it a try you will love it. Oh yes then place each finished ribbon mini spool into the spaces of the tackle box and "snap, the jobs a game".

This wasn't my idea but I don't recall what window I peeked through to find it but Do share your great ideas I look forward to hearing your great advice.

Tata for now, Until the moon shines new rays of reflective lights on my zaney cubie.
Signing off on yet another crafty day!



Devyn Larson

May you have a delightful warm day on this greatly inspiring fall day from all of us here on EtsyGreetings. Well, as wonderful as friday is, here on EtsyGreetings they are twice as awesome. Why? Well because here at Etsy greetings we show love to our great team members as we get the opportunity to peer into our very own team member's shops. Now that you have been introduced to our Feature friday blog get ready to warm your hearts with gitty as magic pencils inspire the workings of this A+ artist. It is my pleasure to share with you the delightful shop of:

All I have to say is......

Ok, I lied I have more to say than wow.
but a few words from our Artist herself.
Tell us a little something about yourself. Where you from what you do and what you love.....
I am a ..... Doodling Addict & proud to be from the beautiful Pacific NW!

I have two little ones running around which are a constant source of giggles, glee and inspiration. (Convo me about Aly's "Slug Crusade" if you want a good laugh.) My Hubby, dog and garden are my other loves.

I design decorate in Portland, Oregan where I am a teacher by trade and adore it! My focus at the present is raising my girls and being a Mom. I still teach 1 1/2 days a week Computers & Technology at an amazing elementary school just down the street. Got to help put gas in the ol' Subaru.

Your color palette is cheerful and captivating for both the young and the young at heart.
You have a natural nat for the daydreamers and a great eye for artistic imagination
not to mention an awesome illustrator.

Your card creations are simply the eyes into a great picture book very well illustrated with
imaginative lines and dreamy colors.

How did your creative artistry come about?

well I... Started making cards to (as my Hubby would put it) "Do something" with all the doodles I have stacking up. Doodle for me...Is an illness. I even doodle in the carpool line. I think I need help.

Artists are not easily understood thats why we share our passions,visions and stories through our creations.
Continue to create many more great designs because
here at Etsy Greetings we celebrate our artists and their
wonderful works.

All the artwork you see here has been proudly created
Best wishes for a great weekend
your friday feature blogger, Cisne
Uniquely creative
keep it real - uniquely designed - have it handcrafted
keep it - EtsyGreetings


Killiam Creative

Do you know this woman? Well you should!
You're in luck for this woman goes by the name of KilliamCreative and she is todays
friday featured shop artist.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to Susan, the mastermind
that runs the KillamCreative shop here on etsy.
Susan is an active creative in the artistic community of Maryland NY.
An amateur photographer, card designer, and paper crafter and a modest woman
above else has fills the emagination with delectable beauties.
But by the looks of her portfolio we can very well see that she is a great designer.
Her creativeness and carisma has certainly found its comfort in the beauties
she creates.
Susan's fascination for piecing projects together is a clear indication
of her photographic sence and ability to capture the moment.
A gift that can be admired in all her works.

Endearing and sweet her cards are simply darling.
If you found delight in Susan's wonderful works
You can find her at

This blogpost was inspired by: http://www.killamcreatives.etsy.com/
Brought to you by : http://www.cisnexpressions.etsy.com/

Have it unique, keep it handcrafed, find it here on EtsyGreetings.


Elves in the Attic

As the fall peeks over the horizon we can't help but pull out our list of gifts? no, no, no. Helpers of course. Mr.St.Nick has a north pole full of them and it seems that they have found a new place to scamper to. It seems that they have been spending their time up in the attic. The sound of little feet fill the empty spaces beneath the floor boards above. Shall we see what the

Have been up to? We sure will.

Every creation unique in its direction visually stands on its own charisma.
Completely in its own "parallel universe".
Julie started her creations as a child with the basic creating tools of that time,
good old paper and scissors. A favorite still to many this technique seems to have
flourished her creative nature morpheing into scrapbooking
and has found its way to be shared with the world through card crafting.
Of gothic demise Julie the Elf keeper has flourished in many creative colors and techniques.
I have to say the "dark side" suits her well.
As her creations come together in the attic or as she refers to it as her studiolet
they bring new life to goth design.

Wow, its like i walked into my freshman year. What a "freak".
I must meet her stylist. She's simply ravishing.
Her strokes of chaos otherwise known as her creativeness
to capture the realism is captivating.

Dare I say it ...... Spooky!
Natural attention to detail in a simple and captivating technique keeps
her elves as one of the top creatives of my october list.

So thats where little miss muffit sends her spider to vacation.
As this little spider vacations Julie finds her creatives are best
used to brighten the lives of many families over seas in the
Hero Arts/operation write home.This project is meant to
bring a smile and a warm hello to the families of the armed forces
as they continue to stand strong miles and miles away from each other.
Find out more of this cause by clicking the link below;

I can't get enough of this spider. Hes just too cool for words.
For more great finds from this weeks friday feaured artist

Thank you to Julie and her Elves in the Attic for making it a
great friday feature. After all its the creatives that make this segment a must read.
Thank you for allowing us to peer into your shop.
Want it fabulous, have it handcrafted
find it here on Etsygreetings


Friday Feature

There are things in life that you can't live without. Pets have them, children have them, calendars have special days to have plenty of them. What could these three seperate entities have in common? Why treats, ofcourse. Oh, the simple pleasures in life are what keep the spark in our eye the smile on our faces and the gitty in our laugh. Today's friday featured shop will have you doing all three. It is a treat all its own. I introduce to you a shop of illustrative treats to bring the child out in you. The seal of greatness is poured from the seems of a childhood and has found a home where it is shared with the world in the strands of illustration. I'm pleased to introduce you to

I am the Painted Peep Show

My name is Blake Roberts, I'm a Virgo on the cusp who loves long walks on the beach and grape flavored bubblegum... I kid! But, I do love reading a good folk story on a crisp Autumn day. I love painting or drawing while enjoying a nice glass of red wine. I grew up in Oklahoma, went to school in Georgia, and have lived in Los Angeles and New York. I was just accepted in the Society of Illustrators and work part time (outside of my illustration job). My work has been sold coast-to-coast and internationally.

The Painted Peep Show began with . . .

The first item(s) that started my shop was a series of four Halloween cards. But, I began drawing my own comic books as a small child and would copy and sell them to my classmates. I still sell work in my Etsy store, The Painted Peep Show, and continue to create narrative images. Most of my favorite pieces are children's book style illustrations that, I believe, can be appreciated equally by adults and their kids.

My favorite technique at the moment &
the tool I favor the most in my shop is . .

My favorite technique is probably graphite, but lately I've been more inspired to do watercolor or gouache paintings. And my favorite tool would be my light box... I would be lost without it!

What inspires your creations and what sparks your creativity?

So many things, but here are the most consistent: Halloween, autumn, folk tales, children's books, music...

Name one favorite item from your store & why is it so dear to you?

The Halloween card with the "lonely witch" is my favorite item. I think it tells an interesting, but simple story (or can even be enjoyed on a superficial level). Is she waiting for someone to answer the door, or just disappointed that she was given a toothbrush as a "treat"?

What lies ahead for the Painted Peep Show?

Ultimately, I will be doing children's book illustrations. I want to influence young people with my images in the same way that children's books inspired me to draw when I was young.

Find me at . . .

Etsy -
Twitter -

Words of Wisdom . . . .

Never stop telling stories and using that imagination! And, to my fellow Crafters/Artists/Sellers, remember, everything you create is yours. Don't be discouraged by slow months. If you're getting down on your work, step back and reassess why you do what you do (and who you're really doing it for).

This friday feature has been inspired by:

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Keep it fabulous .. keep it crafty.. Etsy Greetings


Friday Feature

Charm your greetings no matter the season with non other than the charming works of Kat and drew cards located at www.katndrewcards.etsy.com. Kat n drew cards is one of our very own Etsy greetings artisans that make gift giving extraordinarily simple. Wow, a card and a gift enclosed in one, who would of thunk it? Why Kat and Drew cards of course. Today they treat us with a gracious hello and some great words of wisdom. Ladies and gentleman here is the dynamic crew of

Kat n Drew Cards



We are Kat and Drew.....

....the duo that makes cards and jewelry, pairing them uniquely together to create gift cards all in one. Staying true to our items, we are about giving more than cards, spreading inspiration and support with every vantage we can muster including supporting charities, featuring artists work and buying local from starting artists (when we can)!
I'm drew and together with Kat, we make cards. More than making cards, we write stories with everything we make. It has certainly been a journey coming to know how our creativity would take form but we're starting to figure it out. We're located all over Canada, really, because we shift and move whereever we feel like at the time but our home base is always Vineland, Ontario and its there that we've really blossomed our creativity. Kat takes on the cards, mostly, and I take on the words, mostly, but we are so involved in one another's creativity, sharing ideas and opinions, that we basically make everything together.
I, Drew, move back and forth from Vancouver, BC to Ontario depending on when school is on while Kat holds down the fort in Ontario. Tea breaks are a MUST around here as well as a break time outside to recharge.

The first item that started us off....

..... was a card from our "4YR Classic Cards" line. It incorporates a scrapbooking design, beaded jewelry and poetic writing all in one. The card was for Friendship, I believe, and was what started us working together from day one!

My technique includes a tea, most days...

I can't really write the most inspirational stuff every second of the day so music and movies usually provoke the good stuff. As for Kat, the morning is her greatest tool - she can do ANYTHING in the morning. Not to say the afternoon isn't productive but some of her most creative cards have come at the beginning of the day. I'd say the cuttlebug embosser is pretty high up there too. They just make such great impressions. However, usually a need drives the creation of cards. If we feel we cannot provide a card for a certain emotion or give support for a situation, we are on it to make sure we can help give you something - its all about giving and we try to follow that as much as possible

Love it, love it, love it ...

These small cards from our "4YR Cute Cards" collection are my favourite right now. They support our HEART2HEART campaign which showcases local and international artists and entrepreneurs with a portion of the profits - plus they're super cute.


We dream ....

Big, Really big. Martha Stewart, Oprah, Hallmark, big. Not to say we want to be any of these specifically but there is definitely something to basing your business around giving and creativity and the more people we can share that with, the better. If we can create and share with everyone we'd be just peachy.

You can find us ...

Everywhere, I believe. Multiple shops and sites as well as social networking sites. Have a look and say hey! We like to chat.

Become a fan
Facebook search 'Kat n' Drew Cards'


Words of Wisdom

Anything we create is sort of an advertisement for the masterpiece we are as individuals. We are all masterpieces because at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day, there is always, only, you. so why not believe in yourself.

Thank you to all of you! and to Rocio for featuring us.
Giving only spurs more giving and that is the goal here.

Oh no no my dears, thank you for the opportunity to share your talents with all

our fabulous readers oh yes and not to mention the world. Let me be the first to say congratulations on beeing featured. - Cisne

This friday feature has been inspired by: http://www.katndrewcards.etsy.com/

shared with you by: http://www.cisnexpressions.etsy.com/

Keep it fabulous .. keep it crafty.. Etsy Greetings


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